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What to Expect?

Your body is an amazing and complex balance. Functional medicine (FM) uncovers the underlying physiological, biochemical, and metabolic issues contributing to your health issues. In order to do this, Dr. Jordheim requires comprehensive health information as well as functionally diagnostic testing and analysis.

Because of demand and our desire to offer all FM new patients prompt appointment scheduling, we require you complete your FM initial intake packet before we schedule your first visit.

Before your initial visit, Dr. Jordheim will have completed her review of your intake packet and medical records from previous physicians. Your intake information provides significant insight to help determine what additional diagnostic testing may be needed to help you get well, in addition to identifying the root cause of your health issues.

Your initial FM visit includes
  • Please expect to be at our office for approximately 2 hours. This time includes your one-on-one, 90 minute visit with Dr. Jordheim; as well as check-in and check-out time.
  • During your visit, you will discuss your previous health history, current condition, and goals for your FM care and health.
  • Physical examination and bio-metric testing will be done in office.
  • At end of your visit, all appropriate functional diagnostic testing, lab testing kits, and explanation will be given prior to your departure.

Once Dr. Jordheim has the results of your testing. You will be scheduled for your Clinical Review of Findings (CRF) Visit. This visit is often 2-4 weeks after your initial office visit (this is due to the processing times of lab testing).

At our 90 minutes CRF visit, you will receive a detailed report. This report summarize your findings, revealing the underlying cause of your health challenge, and outlines your individualized most effective treatment plan. Dr. Jordheim will go over your results and treatment plan and answer any question you might have.

You don't have to continue to search for answers and suffer the defeat of acceptance. You can be healthy; you can thrive again. We invite you to take charge of your health and find the root cause of your health frustrations.

If you would like to radically transform your health, please call 970-812-5559 to speak with our warm and knowledgeable staff. We will answer all your questions and make available your intake packet.